Sunday, March 14, 2010

January 26th

IDEAS, we need IDEAS! What should we do for this project, what should we invent? We were frustrated over what to invent, and brainstorming for ideas on what to invent. Finally, we came up with one problem. Some students face problems with having to waste time to put their books and files into their bags and they would think it's a complete waste of time.Therefore,we came up with the idea of attaching a cloth bag onto the back of the bag which we can put stuff in such as books and files without having to open the bag or to act as an extra space. This bag will be able to be detached so the user may hand carry it if he feels it would look awkward. However, we had some pointers that we had to handle. Firstly, we have to think of something that can attach the cloth bag to the bag. We had an initial intention to use velcro, as it allows the student to detach it from the bag when he wants to but we soon realised that velcro is rather weak and would not be able to withstand the weight of the files. We then thought of something else, which would be using the straps on school bags, which is also adjustable. It proves better than velcro as it is joint by a buckle. Additionally, it can be adjusted to suit the student's height. It obviously can hold the weight of the files as it is already being used to hold the weight of the whole school bag.

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